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Bid Acquisition

The bid process can be overwhelming and your budget is top priority.  So many quotes to get from so many places. 

How do I know they're all the same? 

What should I be looking for?

How do I know if something is missing?

We guide you throughout the entire process and that can go a number of directions.  Our vast network offers you qualified trades that know our standards and have the right background to be part of your project.  We also work well with others and value new relationships.  If you have trades you prefer to work with, we can include them as well.

We handle all the communication which includes: request for proposal (RFP's), supply of all necessary information for completeness, thorough review for revisions, consolidation and a summarized spreadsheet so you can easily understand each component of every bid. 

The saying goes, "make sure they're quoting 'apples for apples'".  Challenge is, there are many kinds of apples!!  You can relax knowing that our services ensure your vendors are quoting "Granny Smiths for Granny Smiths"!