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So often kitchens are designed in a generic fashion, with no thought given to what the menu is or may be.  The menu is CRITICAL to the design process for Arizona Restaurant Consulting. 

 From a menu that is at least 60% established, we gather a basic understanding of the concept.  Our Chef background requires us to pursue and fully understand your preparation methods.

We ask lots of question like: 

What ingredients will you use? Frozen? Fresh? How is it packaged? - 50 lb bags, 5 gal buckets?  

What is your production/service method Scratch cooking? Reheat? Transport?

How is this particular item prepared and assembled?

What is your intended delivery schedule?  2, 3 or 4 deliveries a week?

This information allows us to enter into your operating method and customize the facility to match your style without over or under designing the space.  We are able to accurately size refrigeration, dry storage and cooking equipment in direct proportion to your need.

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