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One of the daunting tasks involved with the design/build of any new facility is the permitting process.  Having your own representative walk plans through the process can save time and money.  This gives you, the owner, more control over the process.

City Submittals

Every city is different, with their own review boards, fee structures and timelines.  And you can't construct without a permit.  We have experience with this process and have the contacts required to get your plans submitted in a timely manner.  We monitor the status of your submittal and apply the right pressure so you don't to get lost in the shuffle.

Health Department Submittals

Our experience ensures that your drawings are prepared for the health department to have everything they are looking for on the first submittal.  We've worked with this department for many years and know most plan reviewers by name.  They know what their getting when they see our logo on the submittal set.  This speeds up the review process saving you time and ensuring cooperation from your health inspector throughout the construction process.

Liquor Licenses

These can be a challenge to aquire and can be quite expensive. The amount of paperwork can be overwhelming.  We can help you through the process of submitting for the proper license, to save money and be successful.